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Our Team

Meet the AESTALLION Team

Aestallion is one of the most exclusive, results-driven personal training facility in Canada. Anyone who is interested in truly achieving their fitness goal through our customized training programs are going to be blown away by the precision and attention to detail. No matter what your starting point, our world-class, results-driven personal training model is the fast-track to transforming your body and empowering you to maintain optimal health for life.  

Let us help you organize your training program with our goal-oriented classes! We’ve custom designed our facility to enhance your mood, motivation, energy, and focus. That’s right, we’re taking care of your body and mind! We want to be sure you leave us feeling your best and ready to take on the rest of your day, whatever it may hold.  Join the AESTALLION team today, and unleash your true potential. 

Head Personal Trainer

What's up everyone! My name is Sami, I am also a certified PT at Aestallion! While growing up, I would constantly be referred to as skinny and it was something of which I absolutely despised. My lack of confidence carried over a negative effect on many different aspects of my life. For me, It was far more than just being active and healthy, after all I come from a very athletic background. Partaking in competitive sports all throughout my life didn't solve my own self-conscious regard.

When I first started working out, I didn't realize how much I would end up falling in love with the results. The results extended far past improving my physique... they helped fulfil the growth I mentally required. The gym became a place in which I could both physically and mentally bloom, a place I could cope with any type of emotion built up inside of me. 

Looking good is one thing, feeling good is another. In my eyes, the gym can help you do both. As a result of my passion towards the change I implemented in my life, I enjoy guiding those who want to better themselves. We created Aestallion to help goal-oriented, results-driven people achieve in the most effective ways possible. I love to share my experience, mistakes, and intricate knowledge among those who can benefit from it. I believe working efficiently is crucial and as a result of that, I help people implement the right processes and procedures to avoid wasting time.

Sami Halbouni

Head Personal Trainer

My name is Malek , and I am a certified personal trainer working at Aestallion. I have a proven understanding of the most effective and efficient ways to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, through training and nutrition. I have designed countless effective and goal specific training programs which include pinpointing flaws within a client’s current nutritional and lifestyle habits as well as correcting pitfalls in a way that is both simple to understand and easy to manage.

Malek Halbouni

Personal Trainer - Sports Performance

Hi, my name is Ben Vyfschaft. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association
(NSCA-CPT). I have been an athlete my whole life, with my primary focus in soccer, where I had two successful seasons at the collegiate level with the Fanshawe Falcons and am a current player for the FC London Men’s Team.

I aim to provide a structured, balanced and achievable coaching programme that compliments athletes own lifestyle and meets their goals. I base my training on sport-specific, science-based research that targets the physical demands of your sport, these include things like strength, movement, recovery, nutrition, flexibility, energy systems development,
etc. My goal as a trainer is to make you a better athlete through strength & conditioning and educate you on the importance of sleep, nutrition, hydration, and recovery to optimize our gym training!”

Ben Vyfschaft