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Private Soccer Gym in London Ontario

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Our Private Personal Training Facility

Are You Personal Trainers Certified?

Do You Have Female Personal Trainers?

Certified and experienced personal trainers can make all the difference when it comes to achieving your sports performance goals. Our trainers are dedicated to helping you play your best. Some of the current certifications our trainers hold include NASM certified personal trainer and ISSA certified personal trainer certification. We also have female personal trainers that specialize in working with female athletes.

Do You Offer Other Types of Performance Training?

Every sport is different, as is every athlete. We offer sports performance training that is targeted to enhance sports performance for specific sports. We offer hockey strength and condition, football strength and conditioning as well as other sports. We work directly with you to address your sports performance goals.

Do You Offer Semi-Private or Group Training?

Semi-private training can be a great option for athletes who thrive in group settings. We offer semi-private fitness training to suit general fitness goals as well as to promote sports performance. Let us help you choose the ideal training option that aligns with your goals and budget.