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Body Recomposition Training in London Ontario

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Frequently Asked Personal Training Questions

What Does Body Recompositioning Training Look Like?

If you have never done a workout for the purpose of achieving a goal you may wonder, what do body composition workouts look like? We focus on your goals and develop a workout plan for a body recomposition workout that truly works for you. Our body composition workout can include HITT, weight training and other forms of functional training to achieve your goals.

Are You Personal Trainers Certified?

At AEStallion, our personal trainers are certified and experienced to ensure you get the results you desire. We are ISSA and NASM certified trainers who will work with you to develop the body recomposition training planning that is right for you.

Do You Offer Nutritional Support?

Our team understands that nutrition is a key component of achieving your body recomposition goals. We are here to support you in all aspects of your process and have the experience to recommend the ideal supplements and nutrition supports that you may wish to consider. We are always here to answer your questions and comprehensively help you achieve your goals.